5 Best Sex Position for Women

    Often got tired and excited simultaneously ? Find out the best sex positions you can do


    5 Best Sex Position for Women

    Feeling tired and ‘excited’ can appear together and there is no exception for women. It may be difficult for you to choose rest or make love with your lover. Beside of fatigue there is also lot of moods that can delay your sexual activity with your partner.

    For example, being bored, getting stress relieve or even want to have a greater desire from your lover. All of that reasons can make you hesitant to do it with your partner.

    Below are some of sex position that can be an option and can be adjusted to your mood.

    1. If you feeling fatigue but passionate enough you can try The Minimalist Sex Position

    When your mood is like this, you can try with minimalist position. The trick is, lie down your face and spread your legs slightly so your partner can penetrate from your back.


    To be more helpful, you can place a pillow under your hips to make your couple horny. Place your hand to tease your partner when he moves and do not forget to lifting your butt a little so you can feel maximum sensation with minimum power being used.

    2. When your feelings surged more than your partner, you should try Lovebird Sex Position

    When your feeling surges more than your partner, it will make you more aggressive and this position is perfect for your mood. Sit on your partner’s lap while penetrating, with faces facing each other. Don’t forget, give a sexy look to tempted your partner.

    If necessary you can whisper something sexy to your partner’s ear to make your couple more passionate. Hold on and stare at each other until both of you feel intense orgasms.

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    3. If you feel bored with your relationship style, you can try Wheelbarrow Sex Position

    Sometime you felt bored with your intimate relationship style. To overcome this feeling you can try wheelbarrow position as your sex position. The trick for this is just place your hands or elbows on the bed, while your partner stand from behind and holding legs on his hip.

    With this position, you can feel deep penetration from your partner. You can also place a pillow to maintain your hip position when your partner penetrate you.

    4. Stress relieve with The Wednesday Wind-Down Sex Position

    Lie yourself on the bed and then ask your partner to flirt your intimate organ with his mouth, hands, or other things that can release your fatigue to the verge of orgasm.

    Hold on yourself to not get orgasm until your partner is ready for the main dish.

    5. If you feel so passionate, try The Total Flex Sex Position

    When you are in this mood and feeling so passionate, you can try total flex position. Total flex position is a position of penetration by sitting at the lap of your couple and facing each other. Spread up your legs as wide as possible then up and down your hip while enjoying it.