5 Mountain Hiking Health Benefits Specially for Mental Health

    Many people do mountain hiking to get a wonderful view that they only can get on the mountain but they not know there is lots of health benefits when they do this outdoor activity


    5 Mountain Hiking Health Benefits Specially for Mental Health

    Are you have plans to spend your travelling differently ? Maybe you should try hiking to escape from your daily routine for a while and improving your mental health. Hiking is not a simple runaway activity because it has some health benefits for your body and mind.

    Hiking, trekking, camping and things related to nature, have a great effect for mentalĀ  health and also for physiological aspects to human brain. Apart from getting a smooth blood flow, hiking can also be the best activity for your body. Here are 5 health benefits that you will get from doing hiking activity:

    1. Increasing Focus and Concentration

    By doing hiking it will sharpen your concentration and focus. This will help many people who have difficulty on concentrating, especially children with ADHD and other problems related to concentration. By consuming drugs can help alleviate some of the symptoms, but hiking can dramatically improve the condition and can be called as one of natural healthcare method for your brain

    A 2004 study found that hiking and outdoor activities can significantly relieve ADHD symptoms. Best of all, hiking is quite easy to do and can be done by various ages of people.


    2. Hiking will give you better understanding about yourself

    According to some of health related studies, nature activities, even if only a few minutes can give great effects for your body. Such as walking near the river has a better effect for better thinking. Even though hiking can make your feet and muscle feel aches, at the end of the day you will understanding yourself much better.

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    3. Prevent Memory Loss

    Hiking is a good form of aerobic exercise and can burn 500-700 calories per hour, depending on your speed. It can pump blood and has benefits for your brain. Such as improving brain function and memory which will also prevent Alzheimer. To a certain degree, it can help for preventing early dementia. Hiking also can help memory loss prevention and helps the brain to storing information more efficiently.

    4. Increasing Creativity

    Some of studies that use hiking activities as the subject said, you will feel more creative and imaginative after doing hiking activity because escaping from cellphones and other technology devices and back to nature with hiking activity can freshening your brain. Also it can increase problem solving skills by 50%.

    5. Mind Refreshing

    According to many studies, hiking can have a positive effect on mental health and the brain. In the survey, participants who went hiking became less reflective and were generally free from stress or anxiety. However, there was no change for participants who spend their vacation time in the city. The reason ? Hiking can reduces blood flow in the subgenual prefrontal cortex which is related with bad mood, depression and anxiety. Hiking even can removes the source of bad emotion.