6 Travelling Health Benefits for Mental Health

    If you like travelling then you must know what kind of health benefits you can get from doing travelling especially for your mental health

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    Travelling Health Benefits for Mental Health

    Stress and boredom can arise in your daily life and the cause can be by your daily routine work. When that happened then you need to immediately take a vacation. There is lots of vacation method you can do, such as watching movie, sleeping, fishing, etc but do you know that by doing travelling as your vacation method can give you several health benefits, especially for your mental health ?

    6 Health Benefits from Travelling

    1. Self satisfaction and happiness

    Travelling can recharge either your physic or psychology. By doing travelling you will get balanced life between your daily life and your work at week day. Also you will feel FREE from any pressures that usually you can get in your daily life.

    All of that feel will make you happiness, in facts the happiness you get from travelling will not last only when you travelled but will last for weeks and that will make your mental health going better when facing your daily life again.

    2. Become More Productive

    Prolonged stress that come from work and daily life can reducing brain performance and as a result your productivity being decreased because you feel hard to get focus.

    By doing traveling it can reduce stress level and will make you stay productive while do your jobs. In addition, the feeling of happiness from traveling will also improve your brain performance and certainly that thing will give a positive impact to your work.


    This was proven in a research results that being published in the Harvard Business Review. The study said that employees who do travelling were able to complete their work more easily. They also work more productively than their colleagues who are not do travelling.

    3. Reducing the Risk of Psychological Disorders

    One of health benefits from traveling is for mental health which is by reducing the risk of depression and anxiety disorders, because these activities can freeing you from people and activities that can increase the production of cortisol hormone, the hormone that can trigger stress and depression.

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    To get these health benefit there is no need to do a long travelling because by doing short travelling such as 3-4 days travelling can also reducing this cortisol in your body and you will feel your mind being refreshed.

    4. Increase Creativity

    During the travelling, you will meet new people, different cultures, even new foods that you have never met before. All of these experiences will make your insights become broader and more diverse.

    The broader insights effect from travelling can bring new inspiration and this is usually happen to them who love to go travelling as their vacation method.

    5. Getting better mood

    One study found that three days after a vacation, the participants experiencing increased sleep quality and mood.

    They also become more excited, less complaining, and increased thinking skills.

    This effects lasts up to 5 weeks later after the travelling done, especially for respondents who spend a lot of time on themselves during holidays.

    6. Strengthening relationship with others

    Going on a travelling together and sharing the experiences can strengthen your relationship with others. Even a unique or bad experience can even be an interesting topic of conversation with others.

    This activity also will increase comprehension about others and strengthen the emotional ties that have been established before. Even it will give you more comprehension if you do your travelling with someone else that is close to your, like your spouse or family.

    Travelling in facts are more than just fun activities in the midst of busy days. Traveling at least twice every year will provide so many health benefits for your mental health and productivity.

    To maximizing the health benefits you can gain from travelling, make sure you prepare all your belongings before your travelling. That way, your travelling at least will not being disturbed by various things because of the lack of preparation.