7 Hidden Diseases Behind Obesity or Overweight

    Having an overweight body is not a sin but you should know that there is 7 diseases hiding behind your obesity


    Obesity Causing Heart Attack Disease
    Obesity usually occur because of bad eating habit. This bad eating habit may cause fat accumulation and make your body more vulnerable to many diseases that can threatening your body condition.

    Obesity triggered mostly by large amounts of un-healthy food and bad lifestyle. This condition can lead to various health problems that can be dangerous for the body.

    Quoted from Times of India, Dr. Ramen Goel as head of Bariatric Surgery Division from Nova Specialty Operation, Tardeo Mumbai, India, stated that the diseases below are arose because of obesity.

    1. Diabetes type 2

    Various studies also show, every time someone gaining more weight, the chance to get diabetes type 2 become more higher. If this disease not being treated properly there is side effects that will lead to significant complication, such as hypertension, heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, to organ amputation.

    2. Heart Attack

    Obesity also often being associated as one of important factors that increase cardiovascular disease (heart attack) risk. Abdominal obesity is also considered as one of main risk factors that lead to heart attack.


    3. Hypertension

    Obesity also can increase your blood pressure and lead to hypertension. If you are in the phase of diet or weight loss program, by gaining more weight will make your blood pressure back to normal.

    Keep maintain your body weight in perfect condition can prevent heart attack from knocking you down.

    4. GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

    A research showing that obesity may also enhance acid reflux at certain degree in the body. This is happen because the fat in abdomen giving a certain pressure to muscular ring located at the bottom of esophagus. This condition also can cause heartburn.

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    5. Osteoarthritis

    Obesity or overweight problem certainly giving extra pressure to the joints at your body, such as knee. As a result, pain at joints, stiffness, and swelling is arise, this conditions also called as osteoarthritis. Furthermore, osteoarthritis can also causing damage to the joints if not being treated properly.

    6. Cancer

    One of this deadly diseases also can occur due to obesity. Overweight or Obesity condition is one of important factors that can perform cells formation lead to cancer and the risk will last forever as long as you still alive.

    Obese people have a higher chance of getting colon, esophageal or breast cancer.

    7. High cholesterol

    High cholesterol may appear because obese people sustain increased amount of triglycerides and ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) in their body. While the ‘good’ fats (HDL) amount is undoubtedly lower than normal people.

    High amount of LDL and reduced amount of HDL in the body are the major factors behind atherosclerosis that may cause the arteries constriction which will lead to heart attack.