7 Natural Health Benefits of Guava Leaves, from Preventing Diabetes to Obesity

    Guava fruit not only known to have many health benefits for the body, even the leaf extract from guava also giving many health benefits for the body


    Guava Leaf
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    Guava fruit has a sweet taste and high nutritional content but not only the fruit even guava leaves also have health benefits in it.

    Guava leaves are already known for the health benefits to treat diarrheal disease. But there are many other health benefits of guava leaves.

    7 Health Benefits of Guava Leaves summarized from various sources:

    1. Prevent Diabetes

    Guava leaves can effectively reduce blood glucose for a person with diabetes. Guava leaves can prevents the absorption of sucrose and maltose by the body, which will lower blood sugar levels.

    As quoted from Defeat Diabetes, the leaves from Guava can preventing diabetes type 2.

    2. Treat bronchitis

    Guava leaves can be used to treat bronchitis by opening the lungs, relaxing phlegm, and calming coughs.


    3. Treat Dengue Fever

    Guava leaves also already known being used as a natural remedies to treat dengue fever in Asia. The leaf extract from guava leaves can increase the number of platelets in the blood.

    4. Prevent Constipation

    Guava leaves can stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. Anti bacterial found on the leaf can kill bacteria and prevent constipation.

    5. Treating Cholesterol

    By consuming guava leaves regularly can reduce cholesterol level in the body without having any side effects.

    6. Treating Diarrhea

    Guava fruit already known can improve digestive conditions specially from diarrhea, but the leaves actually have same health benefits for natural diarrhea treatment. Guava leaf extract can reduce the frequency of defecate from diarrhea sufferers.

    7. Prevent Obesity

    Guava leaves can inhibit complex carbohydrates from turning into sugar. This process can reduce weight gain without any side effects and should be included in your weight loss programs.

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    Those are some of health benefits of guava leaves. Healthy food must also be balanced with regular exercise.