8 High IQ Signs, Do You Have One of This Signs ?

    Studies said there is some signs regarding whether or not a person have high IQ. Find out the signs if you already had one of this signs


    High IQ Sign Illustration
    Researchers spend centuries to find out what things can make people smart or genius. Starting from the genetic, to someone’s habits.

    There is some habits or personalities that not being realized is a sign of one’s genius.

    Quoted from Independent, here is some signs that can be called as genius signs.

    1. Love music

    A research found out that a person who learning music, tend to have more verbal intelligence that is above average compared to those who not learning music. The research find out that playing musical instruments can increase a person IQ as well as cognitive intelligence.


    2. Firstborn

    A research that involving 250,000 young participants in Norway, age 18 and 19 years old, found out that a firstborn person had 2.3 points higher IQ than their younger siblings and can be said the reason behind this is because firstborn’s got stronger psychological connections from their parents when they are younger compared with their younger siblings.

    3. Left Handed

    Research from University of Athens show that people who are left handed or tend to use their left hand either to write or hold things have sharper memories also mentally stable. They have high creativity and often the idea they bring out is ‘out of the box’.

    4. Humorous person

    Who would have thought that most comedian’s has high IQ. Research show male comedians have an average IQ of 138 and female comedians with 126, while ordinary people only have IQ ranged from 90-110.

    5. Staying up late

    A research conducted at University of Madrid found out that people who like to stay up late have a higher IQ. Moreover they got more comfortable and orderly life compared with people who wake up in the morning.

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    6. Introvert

    Gifted Development Center found out that 60 percent of intelligent person’s tend to have introvert personalities and about 75 percent of this kind of person’s have an IQ of 160 points higher.

    7. What a mess

    A Psychological Science research by Dr. Kathleen Vohs revealed that working in a messing room can increase creativity to the fullest. So if you are a messy type person, your creativity and innovation level tend to be higher than others.

    8. Excessive Curiosity

    Excessive curiosity also a sign of a genius person since curiosity is a step to the science. Research results from Journal of Individual Differences found out that people with higher IQs tend to be more curious and open to new ideas.