Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits for a Person with Diabetes

    Do you have apple cider vinegar at your kitchen ? Good news for you because apple cider vinegar can help you to prevent diabetes


    Apple Vinegar Health Benefits for a Person with DiabetesDo you have apple vinegar in your kitchen shelf ?  You will definitely use it as addition to making dishes taste better if you know there is lots of health benefits from apple vinegar, especially for natural healthcare for diabetes . The health benefits of apple vinegar still not known widely, because not many people know how to use apple vinegar in their daily life. A research result conducted by The University of Arizona saying, a person who had consume apple vinegar regularly is having 34% of lower glucose level compared to others that did not consume apple vinegar regularly.

    Facts about apple vinegar

    Apple vinegar or also known as apple cider vinegar itself is made by squeezing fresh apples to gain the apple cider from it. The apple cider will then being fermented mixing it with bacteria and yeast. The acetic acid bacteria are being used to process the cider into vinegar. When turned to vinegar, apple cider will change its colour with strong scent. Like other fermented foods, apple vinegar also contained with probiotics or bacteria that can help maintain healthy intestine and healthy digestive system.

    Controlling blood sugar levels

    Diabetes is a disease caused by a lack of insulin production in the body caused by body cells that become less sensitive to insulin. This lack of insulin sensitivity in body cells also known as insulin resistance. This diabetes symptom usually being controlled by eating healthy food and monitoring blood glucose levels.

    Apple vinegar is useful to regulate the insulin response when you consume food that are high in carbohydrates, because apple vinegar has anti glycemic effect. Glycemic is a number that shows the potential increase of blood sugar from carbohydrates consume and the effect for blood glucose levels.

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    When you eat food that contain high carbohydrates, your body will break down consumed carbohydrates into simple sugars that will being used as energy for the body. On the other hand, the pancreas will responding to this by producing insulin hormone to overcome sugar excess in the bloodstream that will also dropping blood sugar amount and makes the brain to think that you are hungry, even though you have enough calories to use in your body. Apple vinegar can help slowing down this insulin response and make you feel full more longer.


    How to use apple cider vinegar ?

    For a person with diabetes, blood sugar levels are something that must be taken seriously. Diabetes Care journal publishing research result that showing the effect of apple vinegar for increasing insulin sensitivity significantly, especially when consuming high carbohydrates food. When you consume apple vinegar before eating, it will slowing down the process of released sugar from the food into your blood.

    However, it’s better to not use apple vinegar as your only choice for natural healthcare for diabetes. To controlling your blood sugar levels, it is recommended to do a healthy diet instead of relying on apple vinegar alone. The health benefits of apple vinegar for a person with diabetes shoud be used wisely, consult to your doctor if needed.

    Also do not consume apple vinegar directly because the acid contained in it and can damaging your teeth and esophagus if not being consumed with care. Also do not consume apple vinegar too much. Consuming 1 tablespoons of apple vinegar in the morning and 1 tablespoons before sleep with a glass of warm water can help you treat diabetes naturally.