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Anxiety Disorders Relieve Using Music

How Music Can Help You To Treat Anxiety Disorder

Listening music is a fun thing to do especially when listening on your favorite songs. Therefore, many therapists use music to overcome problems that is related with stress, depression or anxiety disorder. By doing...
Water Fasting Diet Program

The Good and Bad Effects of Water Fasting Diet Plan

Water fasting is a widely applied diet method that can help you to gain weight loss, eliminate toxins in your body and before surgery preparation. During this diet, you should not consume any food...
Water Fasting Diet Program

Gain Weight Loss With Water Fasting Diet Program

Water fasting diet may sound simple. However, this diet is actually quite difficult to do. When you deciding to do water fasting diet program, you are not allowed to consume any food or drink...
Woman Eat Garlic

Is it true that eating lots of garlic can lower breast cancer risk ?

In addition as cooking ingredient, garlic are also already known as natural herbal remedy. Eating raw garlic for example helps maintain cholesterol and blood pressure. Not only that, recent study have shown that eating...
Floating Hospital By Doctorshare

The First Floating Hospital in Indonesia by DoctorShare

The first floating hospital in Indonesia called as RSA (Rumah Sakit Apung) Dr. Lie Dharmawan was built by doctor Lie Dharmawan and launched in 2009. The floating hospital providing free health services for poor...
Carrot Juice

The Health Benefits of Vitamin A, Food Sources and Recommended Dosage for the Body

If you think that vitamin A can only be useful for threatening eyes sight, then you're wrong. Because, vitamin A in addition as for treating and maintain vision and eyes health, it also can...
Sex Positions

The Scientific Reasons Why Most Women Like ‘Hardcore’ in Their Sex Activities

Sexual fantasy is common. Hardcore sex involving abusive treatment is one of the most common, especially for women. The image of being treated roughly at a certain point can arouse sexual arousal for some...
Guava Leaf

7 Natural Health Benefits of Guava Leaves, from Preventing Diabetes to Obesity

Guava fruit has a sweet taste and high nutritional content but not only the fruit even guava leaves also have health benefits in it.Guava leaves are already known for the health benefits to treat...
Kang Daniel

KPOP Artists Kang Daniel Got Depression Disorders and Getting Worse

One of Kpop artists, Kang Daniel was previously reported got depressed, and now KONNECT Entertainment as his management make a statement that his condition was getting worse. The management also deciding to stop...
Shawn Mendes In Concert

Got Acute Laryngitis, Shawn Mendes Canceling His Concert in Brazil

Not long ago, Shawn Mendes make his fans worry by canceling his concert in San Paulo, Brazil because of his health condition. In his personal Instagram account, Mendes claimed to have acute laryngitis that...
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