Best Rapid Weight Loss Diet Program, Low Fat or Low Carbohydrates ?

    In the middle of diet program ? Need to get rapid weight loss ? Find out what is the best between low fat or low carbohydrates diet program


    Rapid Weight Loss Program
    When trying to lose weight, you will tempted with some weight loss program and all of them promising rapid weight loss result. Right now there is 2 weight loss program that still being debated for gaining rapid weight loss, one of the method is by reducing carbohydrates intake to your body and the other one is the most common method for gaining weight loss which is by reducing fat intake to your body.

    Actually both of this method is promising rapid weight loss and there is many testimonials who managed to get rapid weight loss by using both of this method. However, you should know which diet program is the right one for your body.

    “First you must understand that losing weight is actually can be done only by reducing calories intake to your body and this can be achieved by consuming (foods or drinks) that have low carbohydrates or low fat in it” quoted from Times of India, Saturday (10/26/2019).

    In essence, tracking the calories in-out from your body is the most important thing to do, so there is no need for you to remove any foods or drinks you like from your diet program as long you can keep your calories in balance. By controlling the calories intake to your body it’s will not be a matter which weight loss or diet program you will use as all of them will give you same results.

    Also a research results formed by Stanford University School of Medicine found out that any of diet program you use will still giving you the same results as long you can keep the calories amount in your body in balance and not excessive. In this research the researchers tracking 600 obese adults which use low carbohydrates or low fat diet method and after one year both method are giving same weight loss results.

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    Why this results is important ? Because from this results can be find out that reducing one or more intake by removing certain foods or drinks is not the answer because it can causing micronutrient deficiencies for your body. Especially, not all carbohydrates and fats are bad for your body and no matter which diet method you use, the most important thing in weight loss program is by controlling calories intake to your body and not by removing certain foods or drinks to consume.