Did Carbohydrates Diet Program Can Lead to Mood Improvement ? See Nutritionist’s Opinion

    There are a debate about how carbohydrate diet can lead to mood improvement. If you using this diet program then you must read nutritionist opinion in this article


    Carbohydrate Diet Can Lead to Mood Improvement ? See Nutritionist's Opinion

    Why Carbohydrate Diet ?

    Carbohydrate not only one of main energy sources but also one of important factors for gaining obesity. Right now there is lots of people doing carbohydrate diet as one of the methods for controlling their weight.

    But lately there is another goal to be reach by doing this weight loss method. It is believed, that by reducing carbohydrate intake in your body can also improving your mood.

    Food that containing carbohydrate

    Currently there are two kind of food that containing carbohydrate. Potatoes, bread, rice, noodles, pasta, sweet potatoes is kind of food that containing lots of carbohydrate with low content of essence and fiber in it and the other one is fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables is another kind of food that not only containing carbohydrate but also have high content of essence and make it quite effective to add energies for your body even if you are in the progress of weight loss program.

    According to a nutritionist, Emilia E. Achmadi, you need to reduce carbohydrate consumption that come from white flour, such as bread, cake, and anything else that using white flour in the progress of making it. The processing process of white flour make any important essences in it gone and what is left in white flour is only un-useful carbohydrate, that will be converted into sugar in your body.


    So by reducing carbohydrate consumption that had no important essences in it will change your insulin level to be more stable. A stable insulin will also stabilizing your blood sugar and with recommended level of blood sugar can make your mood improved.

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    “Eating food that have carbohydrate and fiber content will not only stabilizing insulin in your body, but there is another hormone that will be reduced too and this hormone called as cortisol, a hormone that related to stress disorder. When cortisol goes down, your body will increase another hormone that related to happiness, called as endorphin. The increase of endorphin hormone in your body will make you feel that all parts in your body is in excellent condition. When this is happen, nutritionist’s always call it as change reaction in the body,” said Emilia at Lotte Shopping Avenue, South Jakarta.

    By stabilizing cortisol and endorphins in your body will also improve your mood even if you are in the progress of weight loss program.

    Reducing carbohydrate does not mean eliminating carbohydrate completely from your life, but choose wisely which food need to be consumed when you are in the progress of weight loss program.