Does Drinking Urine as Natural Healthcare Method Really Have Health Benefits ?

    Drinking your own urine being trusted by some people to cure some diseases, but is that true drinking your own urine can giving health benefits for your body ?


    Does Drinking Urine as Natural Healthcare Method Really Have Health Benefits ?
    There is no evidence that drinking urine offers any health benefits. While most people experience no severe harm from drinking urine, there are some risks.
    An individual might beverage urine unintentionally or intentionally. Various cultures possess ingested urine for spiritual or health known reasons for millennia.

    Day In the present, a small amount of religious or alternative health organizations suggest consuming urine also. In this specific article, find out about the purported great things about drinking urine as well as the risks.

    Why do people consuming urine ?

    Urine is a folk fix for centuries. The historic Romans, for instance, considered that urine fróm Portugal could cIeanse their mouths ánd whiten their tooth.

    In 1944, British naturopath John Armstróng claimed that drinking urine was the “perfect medicine.”

    More recently, natural health advocates have claimed that a wide range of benefits are associated with drinking urine, including:

    • healing wounds in the mouth
    • improving eyesight
    • replacing lost nutrients
    • boosting the immune system
    • supporting thyroid health

    Some social people use urine as an emergency way to obtain water. For example, an individual might beverage their very own urine carrying out a organic catastrophe, a shipwreck, or additional times when they don’t get access to a way to obtain clean water.

    Are there any benefits ?

    There are no clear health benefits associated with drinking urine. Urine is waste, which means that it contains things that the physical body does not need or that may be harmful.

    Urine is water mostly, but it offers other components aswell. Each day, an individual urinates containing:

    • 25 grams (g) of urea, a waste compound that originates from the metabolic break down of proteins
    • 10 g of electrolytes, such as for example sodium
    • 3 g of phosphate along with other organic acids
    • 1.5 g of creatinine, a waste product caused by the break down of muscle tissue
    • 1 g of the crystals, a chemical developed by wearing down substances known as purines in food
    • 40-80 milligrams of track proteins, such as for example albumin

    Analysts also have found very small quantities of hormones, vitamins, and antibodies in urine. However, there is no evidence that these ingredients are present in large enough quantities to improve health.

    Urine is a powerful diuretic, meaning it could cause your body to expel even more water and salt. Although some individuals use diuretics to lower blood pressure, other strategies are usually safer.

    Moreover, no analysis provides discovered that taking in urine may lower blood circulation pressure or elsewhere improve center wellness.

    Risks and dangers

    For most people, drinking uriné is unlikely tó cause any hárm. This is particularly true for healthy people who drink their very own urine and who achieve this just rarely.

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    Young children and folks with persistent illnesses could be more susceptible to contaminants and health issues related to taking in urine.

    Drinking urine, on a continuing base especially, does present some health risks. They include:


    Urine is not sterile when the kidneys are left because of it, also it have to go through the urethra and touch the epidermis since it results in your body. Bacteria is present in urine, even in that of healthy people without infections.

    Drinking someone else’s urine may expose an individual to varied diseases.

    Although urine contains antibodies, it contains bacteria also. A scholarly research regarding 100 kids discovered a variety of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains, in their urine. These bacteria incorporated:

    • Salmonella
    • Pseudomonas
    • Shigella
    • Escherichia coli, or E. coli
    • Staphylococcus

    While bacteria won’t lead to infection in every individuals who consume them in urine, they increase the risk of infection. People with weak immune systems and young children may be especially vulnerable.


    Because urine is a diuretic, it may increase a person’s risk of dehydration. The salt in urine will decrease the level of usable water within the physical body.

    While quite a few folks have consumed their very own urine when there is absolutely nothing else to drink, there is no evidence that doing so saved them.

    Experts do not recommend drinking urine when there is no clean water, as it contains salt and harmful waste products.

    Electrolyte imbalances

    Because urine contains sodium along with other electrolytes, taking in it may modification someone’s electrolyte levels.

    Someone who is dehydrated may face harmful electrolyte imbalances should they beverage urine already, especially in large quantities.

    Other risks

    Some other risks of drinking urine include:

    • exposure to dangerous chemicals in the urine, such as trace amounts of medications to which a person could be allergic
    • delayed medical treatment, if a person believes thát urine can treat their ailment
    • discomfort and burning up of wounds within the tonsils or even mouth area


    Drinking urine won’t improve someone’s health. In some cases, it may even worsen health issues.

    Anyone seeking natural remedies should consult a doctor or another healthcare professional who is knowledgeable about the subject.

    When access to drinking water is scarce, you should seek out a far more healthful source, such as for example very clear rainwater, condensation, or drinking water in food, water-rich foods such as for example vegetables & fruits especially.

    Consuming urine may make dehydration worse and intensify any side effects.