Got Acute Laryngitis, Shawn Mendes Canceling His Concert in Brazil

    Shawn Mendes canceling his concert in San Paulo, Brazil because of acute laryngitis. Knowing the symptoms can help you to deal with this disease as fast as you can.


    Shawn Mendes In ConcertNot long ago, Shawn Mendes make his fans worry by canceling his concert in San Paulo, Brazil because of his health condition. In his personal Instagram account, Mendes claimed to have acute laryngitis that not getting better.

    “Sao Paulo, I apologize for telling you this, but today I woke up and felt not right, and went to the doctor, and learned I had laryngitis and sinus infections due to the swelling of the vocal cords”, as quoted from Mendes Instagram.

    What is Laryngitis ?

    Laryngitis or inflammation of the vocal cord is often experienced by singer. Laryngitis occurs when the voice box or vocal cord become inflamed due to overuse, irritation, or infection.

    Although it can be cured within a few days, laryngitis can become acute if it lasts more than three weeks. Some factors that can cause laryngitis is virus infections, environmental factors, bacteria or even the excessive use of vocal cord.

    Quoted from Healthline, acute laryngitis is caused by excessive use of vocal cords and can make the vocal cord to unable produce sound. The reason could be due to viruses, bacteria, or talking and screaming that can stretching vocal cord.


    Knowing the symptoms of laryngitis can help you to get first aid immediately before become acute and below is the symptoms of laryngitis
    – Hard to swallow
    – Coughing up blood
    – Long run fever
    – Extraordinary pain in throat

    There is some ways to treat laryngitis such as by resting your throat to not make any excessive sound, stay in room with moist temperature or by taking herbal remedies. However, if you feel that the symptoms you got is not going better or even gone, it is being recommended to visit a doctor immediately.