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      There is always Health News articles for our readers at EZ Health News and Natural Healthcare Information and we really hope provided Health News can broadening your mind to obtain newest method to get better healthier healthy living for your life

      Kang Daniel

      KPOP Artists Kang Daniel Got Depression Disorders and Getting Worse

      One of Kpop artists, Kang Daniel was previously reported got depressed, and now KONNECT Entertainment as his management make a statement that his condition was getting worse. The management also deciding to stop...
      5 Health Benefits Of Jumping Rope

      5 Health Benefits Why You Should do Jumping Rope as Part of Your Routine...

      When you do your workout you will do something that is very common to do such as running, bicycling, and gym. But did you know there is an activity that can giving you lots...
      Floating Hospital By Doctorshare

      The First Floating Hospital in Indonesia by DoctorShare

      The first floating hospital in Indonesia called as RSA (Rumah Sakit Apung) Dr. Lie Dharmawan was built by doctor Lie Dharmawan and launched in 2009. The floating hospital providing free health services for poor...
      Does Drinking Urine as Natural Healthcare Method Really Have Health Benefits ?

      Does Drinking Urine as Natural Healthcare Method Really Have Health Benefits ?

      There is no evidence that drinking urine offers any health benefits. While most people experience no severe harm from drinking urine, there are some risks.An individual might beverage urine unintentionally or intentionally. Various cultures...
      7 Best Fermented Foods for Smooth Digestion

      7 Best Fermented Foods for Natural Smooth Digestion

      For people in Asia, especially in Indonesia, eating fermented foods in as their daily foods is not uncommon. Without realizing it, people in Indonesia may often consume fermented foods every day. Whether it's tempeh,...

      3 Natural Herbal That Have Various Health Benefits For The Body Immune System

      Maintaining body immune system in perfect conditions can reduce the risk of being attacked by any diseases. A weak immune system is the target for germs that can attack your body's defenses system and...
      Carrot Juice

      The Health Benefits of Vitamin A, Food Sources and Recommended Dosage for the Body

      If you think that vitamin A can only be useful for threatening eyes sight, then you're wrong. Because, vitamin A in addition as for treating and maintain vision and eyes health, it also can...
      5 Health Benefits of Black Garlic

      Not Regular Garlic, This is Various Health Benefits of Black Garlic

      Black garlic is a fermentation result of garlic in certain temperatures and humidity. This fermentation process also changes the nutritional content of garlic and being claimed that black garlic has more health benefits compared...
      Is it True that Drinking Coffee Can Help Diabetes Prevention ?

      Is it True that Drinking Coffee Can Help Diabetes Prevention ?

      Coffee is always being linked as a drink that is not good for your health. However, lately, there is many studies that begun to show that coffee can actually giving health benefits that can...
      Ultra Processed Foods Can Lower Heart Health

      Ultra Processed Foods Can Lower Health Heart Rate

      Researchers on the U.S. Facilities for Disease Handle and Prevention (CDC) discovered that for each 5% upsurge in calorie consumption from ultra-processed meals an individual ate, there is a corresponding reduction in general cardiovascular...
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