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      There is always Health News articles for our readers at EZ Health News and Natural Healthcare Information and we really hope provided Health News can broadening your mind to obtain newest method to get better healthier healthy living for your life

      Pubic Hair Health Benefits

      The Health Benefits of Pubic Hair

      Just like other hair that grows on the head, eyelashes, and on the surface of your hands, pubic hair also has its own functions. Shaving pubic hair may make you feel more comfortable, but...
      Shawn Mendes In Concert

      Got Acute Laryngitis, Shawn Mendes Canceling His Concert in Brazil

      Not long ago, Shawn Mendes make his fans worry by canceling his concert in San Paulo, Brazil because of his health condition. In his personal Instagram account, Mendes claimed to have acute laryngitis that...
      Obesity Causing Heart Attack Disease

      7 Hidden Diseases Behind Obesity or Overweight

      Obesity usually occur because of bad eating habit. This bad eating habit may cause fat accumulation and make your body more vulnerable to many diseases that can threatening your body condition.Obesity triggered mostly by...
      Low Carbohydrates Diet Program Causing Dehydration ? Read Doctor Opinion

      Low Carbohydrates Diet Program Causing Dehydration ? Read Doctor Opinion

      Low Carbohydrates Diet ProgramLow carbohydrates diet program always claimed to be an effective method for gaining weight loss. One of low carbohydrate diet program that are becoming a trend lately is the Ketogenic Diet...
      Anxiety Disorders Relieve Using Music

      How Music Can Help You To Treat Anxiety Disorder

      Listening music is a fun thing to do especially when listening on your favorite songs. Therefore, many therapists use music to overcome problems that is related with stress, depression or anxiety disorder. By doing...
      Psychology Consultation

      When Should You Seeking Help from a Psychologist ?

      Mental health disorders, such as depression and stress can affecting your life quality. If this condition being ignored, it can certainly make your overall condition even worse. However, there are still many people who...
      5 Health Benefits Of Jumping Rope

      5 Health Benefits Why You Should do Jumping Rope as Part of Your Routine...

      When you do your workout you will do something that is very common to do such as running, bicycling, and gym. But did you know there is an activity that can giving you lots...
      Floating Hospital By Doctorshare

      The First Floating Hospital in Indonesia by DoctorShare

      The first floating hospital in Indonesia called as RSA (Rumah Sakit Apung) Dr. Lie Dharmawan was built by doctor Lie Dharmawan and launched in 2009. The floating hospital providing free health services for poor...
      Carbohydrate Diet Can Lead to Mood Improvement ? See Nutritionist's Opinion

      Did Carbohydrates Diet Program Can Lead to Mood Improvement ? See Nutritionist’s Opinion

      Why Carbohydrate Diet ?Carbohydrate not only one of main energy sources but also one of important factors for gaining obesity. Right now there is lots of people doing carbohydrate diet as one of the...
      Woman Eat Garlic

      Is it true that eating lots of garlic can lower breast cancer risk ?

      In addition as cooking ingredient, garlic are also already known as natural herbal remedy. Eating raw garlic for example helps maintain cholesterol and blood pressure. Not only that, recent study have shown that eating...
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