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      There is always Health News articles for our readers at EZ Health News and Natural Healthcare Information and we really hope provided Health News can broadening your mind to obtain newest method to get better healthier healthy living for your life

      5 Mountain Hiking Health Benefits Specially for Mental Health

      5 Mountain Hiking Health Benefits Specially for Mental Health

      Are you have plans to spend your travelling differently ? Maybe you should try hiking to escape from your daily routine for a while and improving your mental health. Hiking is not a simple...
      Travelling Ilustration

      6 Travelling Health Benefits for Mental Health

      Travelling Health Benefits for Mental HealthStress and boredom can arise in your daily life and the cause can be by your daily routine work. When that happened then you need to immediately take a...
      Water Fasting Diet Program

      The Good and Bad Effects of Water Fasting Diet Plan

      Water fasting is a widely applied diet method that can help you to gain weight loss, eliminate toxins in your body and before surgery preparation. During this diet, you should not consume any food...
      Pubic Hair Health Benefits

      The Health Benefits of Pubic Hair

      Just like other hair that grows on the head, eyelashes, and on the surface of your hands, pubic hair also has its own functions. Shaving pubic hair may make you feel more comfortable, but...
      Air Pollution Can Affecting Someone Mental Health

      Air Pollution Can Affecting People Mental Health

      Air pollution already became one of the source problems for respiratory disease. Recently there is air pollution effects that can be felt in various areas due to forest fires, industrial waste, or vehicle emission....
      Obesity Causing Heart Attack Disease

      7 Hidden Diseases Behind Obesity or Overweight

      Obesity usually occur because of bad eating habit. This bad eating habit may cause fat accumulation and make your body more vulnerable to many diseases that can threatening your body condition.Obesity triggered mostly by...
      Water Fasting Diet Program

      Gain Weight Loss With Water Fasting Diet Program

      Water fasting diet may sound simple. However, this diet is actually quite difficult to do. When you deciding to do water fasting diet program, you are not allowed to consume any food or drink...
      High IQ Sign Illustration

      8 High IQ Signs, Do You Have One of This Signs ?

      Researchers spend centuries to find out what things can make people smart or genius. Starting from the genetic, to someone's habits.There is some habits or personalities that not being realized is a sign of one's...
      Psychology Consultation

      When Should You Seeking Help from a Psychologist ?

      Mental health disorders, such as depression and stress can affecting your life quality. If this condition being ignored, it can certainly make your overall condition even worse. However, there are still many people who...
      Running Can Significantly Reduce Early Death Risks

      Running Can Significantly Reduce Early Death Risks

      If there is more people doing running frequently, there more likely be substantial improvements in population health and better life, conclude the researchers.But there is still not clear what kind of running method that...
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