Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Diabetes Mellitus

    Diabetes become a common disease recently, this is because modern people living in un-healthy lifestyle. You can prevent this disease by doing healthy lifestyle.


    Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Diabetes MellitusDiabetes mellitus is a disease caused by high blood sugar level. Because it is always associated with sugar, many people then mistakenly think that people with diabetes must really stop consuming sweet foods and drinks.

    People with diabetes are indeed obliged to limit their sugar intake, but that does not mean they can’t consume sweet foods and drinks at all. What should be limited is not the sugar, but total calories intake to their body.

    Most of the calories consumed by humans, are converted into glucose, as a source of energy. In a healthy person’s body, glucose is automatically absorbed by cells. The body then uses insulin produced by pancreatic B cells, to open cell receptors. Thus, glucose can enter human body’s cells.

    Meanwhile, in person with diabetes body, there is insulin resistance that make sugar not well absorbed. The excess sugar being collected in the bloodstream. In long run, the collected sugar in the bloodstream has the potential to cause complications.

    What is dangerous is not high blood sugar, but the complications from the collected sugar in the body.


    Day by day, there is more and more person’s with diabetes. Every year, complications of this disease kill 3 million people worldwide.

    Most sufferers die from heart disease, kidney failure, stroke, or cancer.

    To prevent diabetes complications a healthy lifestyle is needed and you can do it by following this recommendation.

    1. Sort and select carbohydrates intake

    Having diabetes does not mean not eating carbohydrates for a lifetime.

    You can choose carbohydrates that can be digested slowly by your body, such as whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

    Brown rice is more recommended as a substitute for white rice. Person’s with diabetes are also allowed to eat sweet fruits. The important thing is to limiting the amount that being eaten.

    Doctors and nutrition experts can provide daily dietary guidance for you.

    2. Weight Loss Program

    Doing a weight loss program is a must for person’s with diabetes even for just a little few kilogram’s to improve the body’s ability to use insulin.

    As a first step, reducing sugar and calories intake in each meal is a must.

    3. Get enough sleep

    Sleeping too long, as bad as lack of sleep because it will make the body being sluggish and become lazy to do any exercise.

    Excessive sleep or even less than 7-8 hours per day, can increase the desire to eat high in carbohydrates foods.

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    Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep in your daily life.

    4. Do physical activities

    No need to force yourself to do a trending sport. Choose your favorite physical activities, whether it’s walking, biking, dancing, or just running on the spot.

    Do it for at least half an hour a day. In a short time, you will feel the health benefits for doing this activities, such as a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, blood pressure, and gain body weight loss.

    5. Check blood sugar level every day

    Person’s with diabetes must checking their blood sugar level every day.
    By doing this daily checkup, they can monitor the effects of foods that being eaten and their daily activities on their blood sugar level.

    If it increases, tighten your diet program and increase more physical activities.

    6. Avoid Stress

    Stress not only can affecting mental health, for people with diabetes, stress can also increasing blood sugar level in their body.

    There is various methods of relaxation, including meditation and yoga that can be an option as stress relieve.

    7. Reduce salt

    Make sure to reduce salt amount in the dishes that will be eaten. For example, if you usually using 1 tea spoon of salt when cooking the dishes, when you had diabetes, you must reducing the salt amount to half or more less.

    In general, person’s with diabetes should not consume more than 2,300 milligrams of salt per day.

    Doctors can give different calculations, according to age, weight, and so on.

    8. Regular Heart Check Up

    Heart disease is the most common complication in person’s with diabetes.
    Therefore, you should undergo regular cardiac examinations.

    9. Treat injuries and bruises with care

    Even the slightest blisters and bruises can be bad for person’s with diabetes.
    Because, this disease can slowing wound healing process by the body.

    10. Stop smoking

    Person’s with diabetes who is smoke, are having twice early death risks compared to non-smokers.

    11. Choose Healthy Food

    You can eat berries, sweet potatoes, fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids, and vegetables.

    Avoid foods with saturated fat.

    12. Check your health regularly

    See a doctor 2-4 times a year.
    Diabetes person’s who already use insulin injections are being recommended to check their condition more often.