Is it true that eating lots of garlic can lower breast cancer risk ?

    Garlic is already known as a healthy food that can give many health benefits for the body. As the effect for lowering breast cancer risk, you can read it on this article


    In addition as cooking ingredient, garlic are also already known as natural herbal remedy. Eating raw garlic for example helps maintain cholesterol and blood pressure. Not only that, recent study have shown that eating garlic regularly can loweringbreast cancer risk. Find out the truth in this article.

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    Is it true that eating garlic can reduce breast cancer risk ?

    Garlic containing various of active compounds that can be used to nourishing the body.

    The compounds from garlic were recently examined for it efficacy by scientists from University of Puerto Rico. This study look for the effects of garlic on breast cancer.

    The scientists chose participants who lived in Puerto Rico because the number of breast cancer sufferers in Puerto Rico was lower compared with other regions in the United States or Europe.

    As the reason is that participants from Puerto Rico are tend to consume more garlic especially when they cooking food with sofrito seasoning.


    This study involved 314 women with breast cancer and 346 healthy women aged 30 to 76 years.

    During 6 years of observation, the results from the study showed that participants who ate foods that being cooked with sofrito more than once a day had a 67% reduction in breast cancer risk compared to other participants that not eating it.

    The efficacy of eating garlic that can reduce the risk of breast cancer is most likely derived from flavonols and organosulfur. Both are known to have nature anti carcinogenic that can prevent cancer cells from growing.

    Unfortunately this study still has many limitations such as the scale where the study being conducted is in small scale.

    Moreover from this study the amount of garlic that being consumed for each participants is not known, therefor the estimated amount of garlic that should be consumed to prevent breast cancer still not known.

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    So should you eat lots of garlic to prevent breast cancer ?

    Based on the above research, the potential of garlic to protect the body from breast cancer has not been proven can be effective enough but there is a relation between garlic and the reduce of breast cancer risk.

    But it doesn’t hurt you if you add garlic as seasoning when cooking.

    The reason is because garlic contain phosphorus, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, iron, and sodium which are useful for the body.

    However, you do not need to consume it excessively.

    Because according to Cleveland Clinic, eating too much garlic can have bad effects such as, bad breath, body odor, flatulence, and stomach pain.

    Reducing breast cancer risk not only by eating garlic

    Eating lots of garlic alone may not be effective for reducing breast cancer risk. Especially if you still do unhealthy lifestyle.

    For that, you need to balance it with healthy lifestyle, such as

    1. Eating healthy and nutritious foods

    Increase your daily intake with nutritious foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts to reduce breast cancer risk.

    Use olive oil when cooking, rather than vegetable oil. In addition, it’s being recommended to fill in your daily protein intake from fresh fish and not from processed meat.

    2. Control your weight

    In addition eating garlic, maintaining body weight is also a method to lowering breast cancer risk.

    Try to set your mealtime to be well-orgnized and make sure you not eating too much and don’t forget to burn excessive fat by doing physical activities, such as running, workout, etc.

    3. Reduce drinking alcohol

    If you have a habit of drinking alcohol, make sure not to drink it excessively. Limit your alcohol consumption to no more than one glass a day. It will be much better if you choose to quit drinking alcohol forever.