Laugh at Yourself Can Nourishing Your Mind

    A simple method to nourishing your mind can be obtained easily by laughing at your self


    Laugh at Yourself Can Nourishing Your Mind

    Did you know laughing to your self can nourish your mind that will lead to mental health improvement ?

    Have you thrown a joke about yourself to attract others attention and found out that not everyone laughing after hearing your joke ? It will feel just like an awkward moment for you. But they don’t know and maybe you don’t know too that for a humorous person, sometimes laughing at yourself can help you nourishing your minds.

    There is a study result published in the Personality and Individual Differences Journal that saying, “person’s who like to make jokes about themselves have higher level of mental health”.

    Although this result contradicting with some previous studies results but right now most of research literature actually recommend you to making jokes about yourself sometime to overcome negative psychological effects that can affecting your mental health.

    “In particular, we already observe that self humour is an indication of¬†psychological health value such as happiness and friendliness”, as quoted by Indian Express from Jorge Torres Marin from University of Granada in Spain.


    Marin also said that from previous studies result saying, a joke that had been made to laughing at yourself for the sake of attracting others attention was related to low self confidence and weak mental health level from a person. However, according to him that research results could be affected by location differentiation, cultures and respondents.

    “But our research is in accordance with one theoretical theory that aims to overcome limitation from a person and providing a strong relation between mental health and humour with valid data”, said another researcher, Hugo Carretero Dios, from the same university.

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    However, researchers also pointing out that certain styles of humour also can be used to hide negative intentions and feelings.