Men are more HUMOROUS than women ? Find out The Research Facts

    Is it true that men are more humorous than women ? Find out what research said


    Men are more HUMOROUS than women ? Find out Research Facts

    Being humorous or funny seems to be liked by many others but is it true that men are more humorous than women ?

    Based on a new research by Aberystwyth University and University of North Carolina, it was found out that most women preventing themselves from expressing their sense of humour more freely. This research trying to evaluate the sense of humour from around 5,000 people.

    Most research done by asking respondents to write funny sentences for a photo, which will be assessed by a number of panelists who do not know the gender of the respondents. At the end of the research it was found out that nearly 63 percent of men wrote sentences that were more funny than women.

    According to research leader, Gil Greengross, in average men has higher ability to express their humour more than women. But he also said, based on the results doesn’t mean women not have sense of humour at all, because there are some female comedians who had brilliant career, such as Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, Ali Wong as the proofs.

    “There is also a possibility that in the society most people thinking that woman should not show their humorous side freely and because of thisĀ  they are being prevented to expressing their humour more freely compared to men. This condition also preventing them to be more humorous in their daily life”, said Greengross, as quoted from Times of India.


    “Humour is highly correlated with intelligence and mental health and because of this reason we know why a woman giving more value to a man which had high sense of humour since intelligence is a very important factor for surviving throughout our evolutionary history and Men, on the other hand, preferring women who can laughing at their humour”, said Greengross .