Not Regular Garlic, This is Various Health Benefits of Black Garlic

    Black garlic is a fermentation result of garlic in certain temperatures and humidity. There is 5 health benefits you can gain from consuming black garlic


    Various Health Benefits of Black GarlicBlack garlic is a fermentation result of garlic in certain temperatures and humidity. This fermentation process also changes the nutritional content of garlic and being claimed that black garlic has more health benefits compared with normal garlic. Then, what are the health benefits you can gain from black garlic ?

    Various health benefits of black garlic for human body

    Black garlic has a distinctive color, aroma and taste that comes from various types of active compounds in it. In addition to these characteristics, the active compounds that being found in black garlic also has the following health benefits:

    1. Potential to prevent and as a natural healthcare for cancer

    Referring to the research results published in Studies on Garlic journal, the active compounds in black garlic are known to have potential to prevent and help to treat cancer.

    Black garlic is considered to have health benefits for patients with stomach cancer, large intestine cancer, lung cancer, and even leukemia cancer.

    The active compounds in black garlic works in several ways to triggering cancer cell death, inhibiting tumor from spreading and growing, stopping the cell growth cycle, and stimulating the production of special proteins to kill cancer cells.


    2. As an antioxidant

    Black garlic being claimed as one of the best sources for antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids, S-allyl-cysteine, alkaloids, and many more.

    The main function of these antioxidants is to protect human body cells from damage due to free radicals exposure.

    Free radicals can trigger plaque formation in human body blood vessels, harming muscle cells, and inflammation for a person with diabetes.

    By consuming black garlic, it is being considered to give promising health benefits for preventing this conditions.

    3. Preventing inflammation in human body tissues

    Inflammation is the response of human body immune system when the body experiencing an infection, injury, or toxins exposure.

    Although inflammation is useful for the recovery, prolonged inflammation can cause health problems such as heart disease, rheumatism to lupus.

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    In a research that using animal as the object, the active compounds in black garlic extract was able to inhibit the production of enzymes and proteins that can trigger inflammation.

    Thus, the inflammation still remains under control and not harming healthy body tissue.

    4. Maintaining brain health

    Another unexpected health benefit of black garlic is maintaining brain health.

    The compounds found in black garlic can protecting the nerve cells inside the brain from inflammation and the negative effects from food additives (especially glutamate), as well as other substances that are destructive for the brain cells.

    A research results published by Anatomical Science International, showing that black garlic can also improve motoric skills. This is can be done by increasing the number of purkinje cells in the brain.

    With this various health benefits for the brain, black garlic is considered to have potential to protect the brain from diseases that usually attack brain health, including Alzheimer’s disease.

    5. Protect the liver

    The liver in human body play an important role for neutralizing toxins and remodelling red blood cells in human body.

    However, liver function can be decreased by infection, drugs exposure, chemicals, alcohol, and excessive supplements.

    The compounds in black garlic can preventing liver cells from early death, protecting liver cells from free radicals and inflammation, and also can preventing fat accumulation in the liver cells.

    Garlic has a myriad of proven health benefits. On the other hand, black garlic which is the result of fermented garlic also provides various health benefits that are not less than original garlic.

    You can include black garlic in your daily menu to get the health benefits from it, but make sure not to consume black garlic too much.

    Although it does not cause harmful side effects, excessive consumption of black garlic may trigger digestive disorders and increasing stomach acid in your stomach.