The Health Benefits of Pubic Hair

    Do you shaving your pubic hair frequently ? Find out why you must not shaving your pubic hair too frequently


    Pubic Hair Health Benefits

    Just like other hair that grows on the head, eyelashes, and on the surface of your hands, pubic hair also has its own functions. Shaving pubic hair may make you feel more comfortable, but doing it too often can actually eliminate the health benefits you can gain from pubic hair.

    Various health benefits from pubic hair

    In a study by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 95 percent of respondents claimed that they shaving their pubic hair.

    The choice for shaving the pubic hair is not wrong, but there are health benefits that can be lost if you doing it frequently.

    Here are the various functions of pubic hair for health:


    1. Protecting sex organ from various diseases

    The main benefit of pubic hair is protecting the vagina (women) or penis (men) from dirt, dust, and microbial infections.

    Some microbes can cause diseases for the sex organ. However, pubic hair that are growing naturally can protect you from these risks.

    The Follicle, which is the place where pubic hairs come out is being known to release sebum.

    Sebum make bacteria and microbes can not multiply and because of that pubic hair can prevent diseases such as :

    • Urinary tract infection
    • Yeast infections on the sex organ specially on the vagina
    • Various sexually transmitted diseases
    • Cellulitis (bacterial infection on the sex organ skin)

    2. Friction reduction on the sex organ skin

    The skin area of ​​the sex organ is very sensitive so friction and constant pressure can cause irritation or skin disorders on the sex organ skin.

    Pubic hair have function to reduce the friction and pressure so that the skin on the sex organ will remains protected, either when doing sex or other activities.

    Pubic hair even being referred as a dry lubricant.

    Because when doing sex a man penis is easier to rub against pubic hair compared to vaginal skin. The presence of pubic hair will also facilitate friction when having sex.

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    3. Increase sexual desire

    Pubic hair allegedly can trap pheromones, which are in a research being known as the compound that being produced by an animal to lure other animal in reproductive period.

    How pheromones work in human body still not being known precisely, but for sure pheromones are being thought can trigger your sex partner desire.

    Not only that, there is another function of pubic hair by keeping the sex organ warm. For some people, the warm temperature of sex organ can actually increase sex desire in the middle of sex activities.

    Healthy tips to grow pubic hair

    It is undeniable, pubic hair is still often regarded as a dirty thing and needs to be removed.

    In fact, the thickness of pubic hair does not determine a person’s cleanliness. You can still grow clean pubic hair by applying the following healthy tips:

    • Clean the pubic hair with clean water. If deciding to use soap, choose a soap without perfume that does not interferer the balance of normal bacteria on the sex organ.
    • Clean the sex organ from front to back.
    • Routinely clean the pubic hair area with a clean and moist towel.
    • Always drying the pubic hair area after cleaning it.
    • Although pubic hair has its own function for health, it will never hurt your health to shave it occasionally for convenience. But you should not doing it too frequently because it can eliminate the pubic hair functions to get health benefits from it.

    As long as it still feels comfortable, it would be better if you let your pubic hair grow naturally and if in the end you decide to shave your pubic hair, be sure to do it in the right way to prevent unexpected side effects.