Travelling to Brazil to Help The Poor with Dental Healthcare

    Want to make bigger things for the world is the reason why Doctor Felipe Rossi dedicating him self to give dental healthcare for the poor


    Doctor Felipe Rossi
    Doctor Felipe Rossi is a dentist who has dedicated himself to serving poor people in Brazil. He went around Brazil to fixing people teeth who could not afford the treatment fee from other dentists.

    Before going to Brazil was going to Africa, from 2016, doctor Felipe went to Mozambique, a country in East Africa with Mission Africa which is a non-governmental organization that dedicated their mission to help people in Africa. And the mission is began for Doctor Felipe for helping others.

    Right now he and his team already traveled to more than 10 Brazilian states and two countries in Africa to providing free dental care with high technology. In the first he only starting this mission with just two of his friends, right now he is being sponsored by a well-known toothbrush manufacturer for his actions.

    “I had done this because of many miserable things happened to humanity and I had deciding to do something bigger in my life using my academic background as a dentist”, Doctor Felipe said as from Metro.

    Every month Doctor Felipe and his team do their expedition to meet people who need dental care. Dr. Felipe said, in Brazil alone, more than 20 million of people never go to a dentist and that was really big number to worrying about the dental health of the people there.


    “Helping them is everyone’s job, and I really respect the team who had help me. Even I am the one who had setting up and leading, but this is everyone’s job in my team,” he said.