When Should You Seeking Help from a Psychologist ?

    Sometime you will feel stress and depressed but you still thinking that you do not need to go to a psychologist. Find out why and when you should go to a psychologist.


    Psychology Consultation

    Mental health disorders, such as depression and stress can affecting your life quality. If this condition being ignored, it can certainly make your overall condition even worse. However, there are still many people who are confused when they should seek help from a psychologist.

    Read this article till the end to find out the answer.

    The benefits of seeking help from a psychologist

    When someone has a mental disorder, such as depression, they often ignoring it and feel they don’t need help from others. In fact, mental health is as important as physical health.

    If your mental health not in perfect condition, of course it will give negative impact on your daily life and it is advisable to start thinking about when to go to a psychologist. By meeting a psychologist, you can understand yourself and at least know what is the main problem from your mental health disorders and get a solution.


    Beside that by going to seek help from a psychologist also can preventing you from diagnosing yourself which may have a negative impact because of misperception.

    However, the suitability between the patient and the psychologist will giving various effects.

    The signs you need to know when to start seeking help from a psychologist

    After knowing the benefits you can obtain by going to a psychologist, now you need to know the signs when you should go to a psychologist. For example, when you start experiencing stress or depression that can greatly affected your daily life condition then you need to go to seeking help from a psychologist.

    There are people who can handle their stress well enough and for this kind of people they are not needed to consult to a psychologist. However, there are people who feel that telling their problem to a psychologist expert is able to lighten the burden in their heart.

    From this point it can be seen that each person have their own stress handling level but the signs when they should go to a psychologist can be seen from their daily lives.

    Does it have a bad impact on every aspect of their life, such as in work, family, and relationships or it can still be handled alone without the need to seeking help from a psychologist.

    No need to be ashamed by seeing a psychologist

    For most people, seeing a psychologist or a psychiatrist is a taboo. This is because there are still negative views in community that thinking by going to a psychologist it’s mean they are ‘crazy’ or have serious psychiatric problems.

    As a result, when someone gets into mental disorders, such as stress on work or other mental disorders, they tend to be afraid from the views of people around them.

    Beside that, there are still people who underestimate mental disorders and this kind of view can make other people become discouraged from seeing a psychologist.

    However, there are also few people who are more aware about their mental health and there is many communities that giving direct advice to them who experiencing things like this.

    Not only that, the government role and individuals are increasingly seen through the campaigns that promote mental health awareness, to increase mental health awareness for the others.

    Although there is still a long way to go, at least with this kind of campaign will make you and the others who are afraid to go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist will daring to seek help.

    Tips to find a psychologist

    After you know when to go to a psychologist, now is the time to find out what kind of psychologist is suitable for you. Actually, finding a suitable psychologist is almost the same way as looking for a doctor.

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    You can try it first and when you feel it doesn’t right then you might go to other psychologist. Try to not conclude immediately that all psychologists are same based on your first consultation.

    Here are some tips that might help you to get a psychologist that suitable for you.

    1. Understanding the problem

    First of all, you must first understand the problems that being faced before going to a psychologist. Is it about relationships, work, business, or other things.

    This is because there are some psychologists who are more focused on relationships and sex. And, there are also those who had better understanding about self-development.

    Therefore, identifying the main problem of your stress or depression must be done first before deciding going to a psychologist. By doing this at least will help you to filter out which psychologists are the right one for your problem.

    2. Find out about the psychologist you want to visit

    Once you understand the main problem that causing your stress or depression then the next step is by by find out about the psychologist you need to go.

    For example, by finding info about how the psychologist approaching his/her patients can help you to adjusting your self before going to the psychologist. For some people, it might feel more comfortable if the psychologist they visit can be a loyal listeners in listening their stories that related to their stress or depression problems.

    On the other hand, there are also people who feel more suitable with psychologists that can directly discuss the main problem. Remember, the main focus is to finding a psychologist that can make you comfortable to telling the psychologist about your problems that causing mental disorders such as stress or depressed.

    3. See the psychologist references

    In addition to find out the approaching type that being used by the psychologist, you also need to look for testimonials or reviews from other people who are the psychologist clients. For example, by knowing reviews or testimonials from other people that are the psychologist clients, at least can give you an idea about ​​the psychologist, how the psychologist will work out on your problem, and so on.

    Also you need to look for psychologists who can make you feel confident to tell your stories so you can get optimal results. If not it will be difficult for you to tell your stories to the psychologist.

    4. Be patient and straightforward

    There is no instant change, so it will requires patience and diligence on your side that will make you to obtain more from your consultation with the psychologist. There is rarely people who experiencing better change, right after finishing one session with the psychologist.

    Normally, you will need about 8 sessions to get more meaningful results for your mental health. However, when you not feel any changes after attending about three sessions then maybe it’s the time for you to choose another psychologist. Typically for each session you will be asked if you feel any change after undergoing every session.

    Answer the question honestly so that the psychologist will know whether the approach that being used to you is suitable or not for you.

    In fact, the answer behind the question “when to go to a psychologist ?” is when you feel that your problems disrupting your entire daily life and the psychologist role in this process is to direct you to overcome your problems. So it’s depend on each individual, whether they want to overcome their stress or not.